Sailing in Hurghada, Egypt offers a unique experience with its stunning coastline, crystal-clear waters, and ideal weather conditions. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced sailor, Hurghada has something to offer for everyone. Here are some highlights of sailing in this destination:

  • Numerous pristine islands and breathtaking beaches to explore
  • Excellent visibility for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts
  • Consistent trade winds that create ideal sailing conditions
  • Opportunities for fishing and experiencing the local marine life
  • Friendly and experienced local guides and boat rental services
  • Chance to visit popular diving sites like Giftun Island and Abu Ramada
  • Perfect spot for water sports enthusiasts, including windsurfing and kiteboarding
  • Vibrant marine ecosystem with colorful coral reefs and exotic fish species
  • Scenic coastal landscapes with stunning desert backdrops
  • Opportunity to experience Egyptian culture and visit historical attractions in Hurghada
JanuaryWarm and sunny21C1mm2%9 hours10 knots
FebruaryMild and occasional rain showers22C4mm5%8 hours10 knots
MarchMild and occasional rain showers24C5mm7%9 hours11 knots
AprilWarm and sunny27C2mm3%10 hours11 knots
MayHot and sunny31C0mm0%11 hours11 knots
JuneHot and sunny34C0mm0%12 hours11 knots
JulyHot and sunny36C0mm0%12 hours11 knots
AugustHot and sunny35C0mm0%11 hours12 knots
SeptemberHot and sunny33C0mm0%10 hours11 knots
OctoberWarm and sunny30C1mm2%9 hours11 knots
NovemberMild and occasional rain showers26C3mm4%8 hours10 knots
DecemberMild and occasional rain showers22C2mm3%8 hours10 knots