Sailing in Oslo, Norway offers a unique and picturesque experience. With its stunning fjords and beautiful coastline, it provides a perfect setting for sailing enthusiasts. Here are some of the highlights of sailing in Oslo:

  • Majestic fjords and breathtaking coastal views
  • Abundance of islands to explore
  • Opportunities for wildlife spotting, including seals and seabirds
  • Clean and clear waters ideal for swimming and snorkeling
  • Variety of sailing routes catering to all skill levels
  • Numerous marinas and anchorages available
  • Friendly sailing community and local support
  • Access to amenities and facilities along the coast
  • Plenty of opportunities for fishing and seafood enthusiasts
  • Chance to experience the vibrant culture and history of Oslo
JanuaryCold and snowy-2C55mm60%2 hours10 knots
FebruaryCold and occasional snow showers-3C53mm50%3 hours12 knots
MarchMild with increasing daylight2C40mm40%4 hours8 knots
AprilCool and occasional rain showers7C47mm50%5 hours10 knots
MayMild and sunny13C35mm40%7 hours8 knots
JuneWarm with long daylight hours18C40mm30%9 hours6 knots
JulyWarm and occasional rain showers21C45mm40%8 hours6 knots
AugustMild with decreasing daylight19C40mm40%7 hours8 knots
SeptemberCool and occasional rain showers14C47mm50%5 hours10 knots
OctoberCold with shorter daylight hours8C53mm60%3 hours12 knots
NovemberCold and occasional snow showers2C55mm70%2 hours10 knots
DecemberCold and snowy-1C57mm80%1 hours12 knots