Sailing in Puerto Lindo, Portobelo, Panama offers a unique experience with its beautiful coastline, rich history, and diverse marine life. Here are 10 reasons why sailing in this destination is worth exploring:

  • Stunning turquoise waters perfect for swimming and snorkeling
  • Numerous secluded coves and pristine beaches to anchor and relax
  • An abundance of colorful coral reefs teeming with marine life
  • Opportunities for deep-sea fishing and catching fresh seafood
  • Fascinating historical sites, including the ruins of Portobelo
  • Panoramic views of lush tropical rainforests along the coastline
  • Relatively calm and predictable winds ideal for sailing
  • Availability of experienced local guides and boat rentals
  • Charming waterfront bars and restaurants to enjoy local cuisine
  • Cultural festivals and events celebrating the region's maritime heritage
JanuaryWarm and sunny35C20mm20%8 hours4 knots
FebruaryMild and occasional rain showers25C53mm80%4 hours8 knots
MarchWarm and sunny28C35mm30%6 hours6 knots
AprilHot with occasional showers31C80mm70%5 hours7 knots
MayHot and humid with frequent rain32C150mm90%4 hours9 knots
JuneHot and rainy31C200mm95%3 hours10 knots
JulyHot and rainy31C250mm95%3 hours10 knots
AugustHot and rainy31C250mm95%3 hours10 knots
SeptemberHot and rainy30C250mm95%3 hours10 knots
OctoberHot and rainy30C250mm95%3 hours10 knots
NovemberWarm and occasional rain showers29C120mm80%5 hours8 knots
DecemberWarm and occasional rain showers31C35mm40%7 hours6 knots