Sailing in Angra do Heroismo offers a perfect combination of breathtaking natural beauty, rich history, and a unique cultural experience. With its calm and clear waters, stunning landscapes, and charming coastal towns, this destination is a sailor's paradise.

  • Angra do Heroismo is a UNESCO World Heritage site, known for its well-preserved historical center.
  • The Azores archipelago, where Angra do Heroismo is located, is a popular sailing destination with its volcanic landscapes and diverse marine life.
  • The marina in Angra do Heroismo provides excellent facilities and services for sailors, including berthing, fuel, and repair services.
  • Sailing around Angra do Heroismo allows you to explore beautiful and secluded coves, sandy beaches, and cliffs with breathtaking views.
  • The waters around Angra do Heroismo are known for their clarity, making it a great destination for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts.
  • The local cuisine in Angra do Heroismo is a treat for food lovers, with fresh seafood and local specialties available in the coastal towns.
  • The friendly and welcoming local community adds to the charm of sailing in Angra do Heroismo.
  • The moderate winds and mild weather conditions in Angra do Heroismo make it suitable for sailing throughout the year.
  • Angra do Heroismo hosts various sailing events and regattas, offering opportunities for sailors to participate and engage in friendly competition.
  • Exploring the neighboring islands of Terceira, Pico, and Sao Jorge, which are easily accessible from Angra do Heroismo, adds more excitement to your sailing adventure.
JanuaryWarm and sunny16C90mm70%5 hours9 knots
FebruaryMild with occasional rain showers16C84mm45%6 hours8 knots
MarchMild and gradually warming up17C63mm40%7 hours7 knots
AprilPleasantly warm with occasional showers18C50mm30%8 hours6 knots
MayWarm and mostly dry20C35mm20%9 hours5 knots
JuneSunny and pleasant23C25mm15%10 hours4 knots
JulyHot and mostly dry25C15mm10%11 hours4 knots
AugustHot and mostly dry26C10mm5%10 hours3 knots
SeptemberWarm and mostly dry24C30mm15%8 hours4 knots
OctoberMild with occasional rain showers22C65mm40%7 hours5 knots
NovemberCool with increased rainfall19C80mm60%6 hours7 knots
DecemberMild with occasional showers17C90mm70%5 hours8 knots