Sailing in Ascension Island - Georgetown, United Kingdom offers an incredible experience with its stunning coastline, crystal-clear waters, and abundant marine life. Boasting a perfect combination of favorable winds and calm seas, this destination provides ideal conditions for smooth sailing and enjoyable water activities.

  • Beautiful secluded beaches and pristine coves to explore.
  • Opportunities for snorkeling and diving in vibrant coral reefs.
  • Abundance of marine life including turtles, dolphins, and tropical fish.
  • Excellent sailing conditions with consistent trade winds.
  • Plenty of anchorages and mooring spots along the coast.
  • Panoramic views of volcanic landscapes and rugged cliffs.
  • Opportunity to spot migratory whales during certain months.
  • Numerous marine reserves for protected sailing and wildlife preservation.
  • Chance to visit historic shipwrecks and explore their intriguing stories.
  • Unspoiled natural beauty and peaceful surroundings for a tranquil sailing experience.
JanuaryWarm and sunny35C20mm20%8 hours4 knots
FebruaryMild and occasional rain showers25C53mm80%4 hours8 knots
MarchWarm and breezy28C12mm15%6 hours6 knots
AprilSunny with occasional cloud coverage30C8mm10%7 hours5 knots
MayMild and partly cloudy27C15mm15%6 hours5 knots
JuneSunny and calm25C5mm10%8 hours4 knots
JulyWarm and occasional showers28C10mm20%6 hours5 knots
AugustMild with occasional cloud coverage26C18mm25%6 hours6 knots
SeptemberSunny and breezy27C15mm15%7 hours6 knots
OctoberWarm and partly cloudy30C8mm10%7 hours5 knots
NovemberMild and occasional rain showers28C12mm15%6 hours5 knots
DecemberWarm and sunny32C20mm20%8 hours4 knots